Special Relativity Not Implying Retrocausality


Quantum entanglement asserts that one entangled part of a quantum system may only be adequately described by referring to the state of the other part. Connectivity between these parts is known as quantum non-locality and it appears to act instantaneously regardless of the distance between them. This connectivity allows the instantaneous influence of one part of the system on another distant part.

Thus, influences acting at superluminal velocities are presented. The majority opinion is that superluminal velocities, according to Special Relativity, would allow communication with the past. Although the transmission of signals by way of tapping quantum non- locality today appears to be debatable, the now-verified existence of these influences makes it possible, at theoretical level, to send influences to the past and for the future to influence the present, which would imply a breach of the Causality Principle. The purpose of this work is to review the studies of Special Relativity applied to superluminal signals and their communication with the past, leading to the conclusion that retrocausality is not mathematically deducible from said studies.

Written by Juan Domínguez-Montes, E. L. Eisman, Posted in física

About the Author

E. L. Eisman

Departament of Physics
Clipper 74, 29130, Alhaurín de la Torre, (Malaga–Spain)

Juan Domínguez-Montes

Departamento de Física
Comunidad de Canarias 68, 28230 Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain

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